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 Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines   Sat Jul 31, 2010 4:08 pm

Please do not

  • Be rude, hateful, disrespectful, or vulgar towards any member (including staff).
  • Participate in and or create flame wars, console wars, mine is better than yours posts, and versus threads, game threads in general, etc.
  • Post IN ALL CAPS or In STiCkY CApS. Please type normally and legibally! This includes overuse of abbreviations (ex. b-ing this. lyk, lol wht r u sying?)
  • Impersonate any form of staff/display form of authority while not being a moderator, etc.
  • Show inappropriate images, links or other similar content (including illegal download links)
  • Excessively bump (delete your latest last post and repost in the same thread to bring it to the top of the recent posts list) the same topic.
  • Make racist, sexist, or other discriminatory or derogatory remarks of any form both publicly and privately, including one's sexual orientation or gender. Remember the Golden Rule!
  • Post repeat topics without searching first. (please search before making a topic)
  • Post personal or private identifying/contact information of any member (including staff) without their permission
  • Repeatedly post one-worded posts (spam) such as "lol" or "Smile"
  • Discuss illegal topics/share illegal download links
  • Double-post


  • Please do not use very long or oversized signatures. (there is a limit in the signature edit box)
  • Please make sure your overall signature does not exceed the dimensions of 620 pixels (width) by 100 pixels (height). If it does, you will be notified/the signature will be removed.
  • YouTube videos are not allowed in your signature.
  • Do not display provocative/explicit content

  • The maximum avatar size is 100x100 pixels, no more, no less.
  • Do not display provocative/explicit content

Topics and Posting

- Before making a topic of posting something of a specific subject, please search and examine other categories if the topic has been already discussed. If it has, and your topic is made, it will be locked. Also remember to write, at least in a form that we can actually read what you are trying to say.

- Useless topics(such as OMG I love this game thread will be locked without notice. Please do not make useless topics, such as the previously mentioned, or spam posts. Also, game threads or role playing threads (threads that require posting according to certain rules of a game with no further discussion, like "Kill the Mako!" will be deleted).

- Do not make one-worded posts (such as "yes" or "lol") as this is considered spam and adds more problems with the website's bandwidth (although this forum host is free, I pay for the usage myself and extra features including data from posting. This forum costs money to get the appropriate features to provide the best experience for a Calling discussion community.)

- Make your topic title relevant to the subject, or as relevant as it could be

- Put spoiler tags (ex. "SPOILERS") in your topics if they contain spoilers on Calling information. Please make sure the spoiler tag is displayed at the beginning of a title, not at the end.

Editing your Posts

Please edit your posts as much as you desire (use the edit button!) Do not edit posts that you have used in an argument in order to avoid information from your messages being viewed. DO NOT double post (post after you've already made a post, without any other member in between). These will be edited/deleted.

Private Messaging

You can private message (PM) other members for private discussions. Do not use this as a way to harass or violate the rights of users. We can monitor all of your private messages if we wish to do so.

Also, please take care to discuss a subject with a moderator or administrator that you feel needs to be brought out on this forum. If somebody is harassing you by personal messages or any way, report them to a moderator or administrator, and the subject will be looked upon immediately. The goal of this forum is to provide a safe communication website to discuss Calling and this cannot be done if rule-breaking/harmful acts are not reported/ and taken care of.

Banned Members

After repeating offenses, even after given a warning, a moderator or administrator may ban that specific member from interacting with the forums.


Please use the Multi-Quote or Quote buttons to specifically show what message you are referring or replying to. This makes it easier to see who you're responding to. Otherwise, a simple arrow up (^) or anything showing who you're replying to (@______) is fine!

Example of Quoting

Reporting a Post

Please report a post if you deem it as violating the rules in any way, if it needs special attention due to its content, causes harm to anyone, etc.


Here are the official rankings. Please note that they are subject to unnoticed change. Requests for rankings are allowed, just message me Smile

November 21, 2010:

A reminder, spam posts also includes making useless, and/or pointless threads. Generally things that a 10 year old would say on the tube is spam.

Spirit Points

Spirit points are certain 'points' that you get from making posts. The more you have, the more benefit you will have on this forum. Mainly, posting on a topic gains you selected points. Making a topic, however, gets you a higher amount. Please do not make pointless posts just to get more on your count list.

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Rules and Guidelines
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