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 An Introduction to the Website

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PostSubject: An Introduction to the Website   Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:36 am

A simple introduction to the website.

So you just joined? You're ready to post? Well, this is the first and the ultimate Calling Forum out there for you, so let me, the administrator, give you pointers to all of you new members.

1) Make an introduction! Make sure to make an introduction in the 'Welcome' section of the forum's main page. Our users will be especially happy to greet and meet you! Don't be shy, this is a great way to become known on this forum.

2) Read the rules. The link is in my signature, but you can go to 'The Black Page Rules' section on the forum's index page to read all about Spirit Points, Reputation, General Rules and Guidelines, and many things, including using the chatbox.

3) Use the chatbox! It is an IM feature at the bottom of the index page. Press 'Join the Chat' to log in. Be friendly and a good listener/poster, it's just like posting on the forum, which means that it is moderated 24/7.

4) Start posting! Once you have made an introduction, read all of the rules, and used the chatbox to get yourself known, start posting on the many ideas and theories of this forum. Don't be afraid to speak freely, but do not go against the rules!

Thank you,
Simon-The Black Page (Calling) Forum
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An Introduction to the Website
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