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 And finally.̷̨̠̰̻̬̫̩̭ͯ͑̿.̧̭̫͈́͊̏ͥ̋̿̌̌͛.̮͇̺̣̹͖̰̳͌̏ͭͨ̋̿ͦ̾ͨ

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Black Kitten

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PostSubject: And finally.̷̨̠̰̻̬̫̩̭ͯ͑̿.̧̭̫͈́͊̏ͥ̋̿̌̌͛.̮͇̺̣̹͖̰̳͌̏ͭͨ̋̿ͦ̾ͨ   Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:46 pm

Thus I had joined up after putting it off after finding this place once again via an art account.

Hm, I've never been one for long winded introductions and so any questions?

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PostSubject: Re: And finally.̷̨̠̰̻̬̫̩̭ͯ͑̿.̧̭̫͈́͊̏ͥ̋̿̌̌͛.̮͇̺̣̹͖̰̳͌̏ͭͨ̋̿ͦ̾ͨ   Sun Feb 27, 2011 7:01 pm

Welcome to the forum!

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And finally.̷̨̠̰̻̬̫̩̭ͯ͑̿.̧̭̫͈́͊̏ͥ̋̿̌̌͛.̮͇̺̣̹͖̰̳͌̏ͭͨ̋̿ͦ̾ͨ
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