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 PC game mods

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PostSubject: PC game mods   Wed Apr 20, 2011 8:33 pm

The vanilla game only goes so far. It's much more fun when you introduce player mods! Post the name of the mods, and effects if you wish, for the PC games you play here.

The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

Bosmer Stealth Armour: adds titular armour. It's basically a black version of the Elf Armour which fortifies Sneak and, while sneaking, gives you 75% Chameleon. There is no shield, since you really wouldn't need one. Other than the Sneak fortification and Chameleon script, it has the defense of Glass and the weight of Fur. You won't want to go back after you make a thief or assassin with the Bosmer Stealth Armour.

Dark Slayer set: adds titular armour and weapons. the armour has better defense than Daedric, but the weight of Iron. It also gives you heavy resistances to pretty much everything. The weapons have the weight of the Iron equivalent, however the damage is ludicrous! The Dark Slayer Claymore, for example, hits for nearly 1000 as base damage.

Soul Shatter weapons: adds the titular bow and shortsword (I dare you to say Soul Shatter Shortsword quickly without effing it up.). Both weapons have an enchantment called "Soul Shatter", which reduces the Health of your unfortunate victim to 0. Try combining this with the Bosmer Stealth Armour!

Peacemaker: adds a side quest and clothing and weapon set, which together make you basically immune to death. The side quest also makes it so, after you beat it, you can do missions weekly for level-based money.

The Ultimate Sword: adds a side quest, a new suit of clothing, and a few new weapons. It even has a boss fight in it!

Devil Arms mod: adds the Devil Cave just southeast of Cheydinhal. You there fight the bosses from Devil May Cry 3 that give Dante a new Devil Arm. And also Beowulf. These monsters are not leveled, but very strong. Only do this quest if you have become unable to level any further, short of the console.

Wow, until I put them all down like this, I didn't realize just how many mods I used at once. My laptop sure has some epic processing power.
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PC game mods
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