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PostSubject: Moderators    Sun Mar 28, 2010 2:10 am

A moderator is sort of a 'supreme' member on the website. They are somewhat like miniature administrators that monitor the website while I, the Administrator of the website, am or absent... Regardless, they are normal members and should be viewed as such but with more respect. Follow the rules, and respect the moderators, and your time here on the forum will be a great experience.

Moderators-Please Read

Be respectful to all members, and do not act like a jerk just because you have a higher ranking. Also make sure to correct people's mistakes in a polite way. Putting the rules and guidelines in your signature will add a lot of help to will notify new members, though it is not required.

If someone says:
Quote :

That's so gay

Quote :

You're obscenely ugly, your face is just disgusting.

Give them a warning.

Deactivating Members

Users can be deactivated from this forum. Edit their signature to show that they have been deactivated, something like "User has been deactivated" is appropriate.

To ban a member, simply go to their profile and follow the link at the bottom of the page.

Becoming a Moderator

Becoming a moderator is easy and simple. What you need to do is:

-Act kind and polite towards other members
-Respect and follow the rules and guidelines
-Help remind other members the rules and guidelines of the website
-Act polite and friendly!
-Correct a member when they have done something wrong, hurtful, or anything that goes against the rules.

That's it, there's no simple test. I will invite you to become one if you are good for the job. Don't ask to become one, you, most likely, will not even be considered if you desperately plead.

1) You will be given the official status of Moderator as your ranking (gives you the green title "Moderator").

2) You will be joined into the Moderators group.


Keep in mind that when you do become a moderator, you should not abuse your power, or you will be stripped of your status.

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